Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hair Today....Gone Tomorrow

I preface this post with a few disclaimers:

a) There is a reason why I don't do fashion posts (besides the fact that I'm not very fashionable), my pictures are beyond awful
b) Ryan took the after pictures and may or may not have been slightly inebriated, I legit don't know
c) Apparently the lighting in my house sucks
d) I'm too lazy to set up a tripod
e) Taking these pictures made me angry but I just had to share

Oh, sorry about your head Kaileigh
Pips says: "You are a weirdo"
So anywho, I got a haircut.  And I'm pretty darn excited about it.  I had been letting my hair grow since before my wedding, because I knew I wanted to wear it down.  I am in my sister in law's wedding next weekend, so I didn't want to cut it until I knew what style I wanted.  My hair was long, and draggy, and I never did anything with it, because I'm lazy.  And it was hot and looked awful on me.  So was I ever excited yesterday when the hairdresser told me that an up do would be easier with shorter hair.  I gave her some pictures from here, and voila.

It's so light and bouncy and alive.  I loves it.

Ryan got home and said I thought you were getting your hair cut.  Well what does he know

 I feel like it looks really dull in these pictures, but I swear I'm a ginge.  Again, I am very sorry for the incredibly poor quality of these pictures.  It's almost embarrassing.  Between the unnatural light of my house, me trying to take pictures of myself and Ryan taking pictures, it just didn't work out for me.  I will try harder next time.  Or I just won't do it again.

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