Monday, 16 July 2012

Big Plans

I wish everything could be done all at once!  I've been thinking about the house a lot lately, and have come up with some great plans for the entry, the laundry room, the rec room.....but I have these time constrains and money constraints...

I wanted to decorate more.  But even though decorating items may not be overly expensive, they add up.  I want a bench, or a hall table for the entrance way and some sort of art above it.  I want to make the laundry room pretty.  Flip the door so it opens the opposite way and add some organizational shelving in there.  I want to make the rec room more homey, add some nice bar stools, art, side tables. 

Homes aren't decorated in a day though.  We did a pretty good job turning our house into a home in a couple months.  It's just these small details that I just want to get done.  Realistically, it will probably take years. 

But here are some things that I am dreaming about for my home.

A bathroom redo

Huge book shelves, I have a lot of books

A console table for my entry. This one is from Sears.

A gallery wall

This exact kitchen

Organization for my laundry room

This comfy chair for my basement from Pier 1

This sectional for all my (I mean Ryan's) friends in the basement from here
All other pictures are from my Pinterest.  Oh Pinterest, you make me want all the things that I don't have.
Oh and an area rug for under my kitchen table.  But a 6x8 area rug seems to be hard to find.

So it's only a few items that I desire! Is that so much to ask for?  I think not. 

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