Friday, 13 July 2012

Expect the Unexpected

I commute an hour to work each way, so I get pretty into my morning radio shows.  The other day they were discussing your go to summer TV show. 

In the summer most of your shows are on a wee break.  So you are left to your own devices and have to be more creative.  For me, Big Brother has always been my summer show.  Summer is the only time when I could possibly watch a TV show on three different days.  It's crap TV and is highly addictive and I'm so glad that it's back for another season!  The first episode was last night and boy oh boy am I pumped for a summer of expecting the unexpected!

My choices for the grand prize are:



Danielle because the cute southern girl usually wins her way into everyone's hearts (a la Jordan Lloyd).  Ian because he seems smart and easy going.  Hopefully he doesn't get annoying.  Ashley because I think she might come across as sweet but be very strategic.
I think that the best bet for a showmance is Shane and Danielle.  But I might just want to relive the Jeff and Jordan romance.  I wouldn't mind Shane winning because I would love for Britney to win the coaching prize.  Funny, each person I chose above is on a different team.  I'm rooting overall for Britney and Janelle's teams though.

(All photos are from the Big Brother website.)

Clearly this new season has won me over in the first hour.  I have gotten totally distracted.  I hope somebody else out there cares about this post.  If not, oh well.

I have also gotten into the Vampire Diaries.  I had never watched it before, but I got Season 1 on DVD for my birthday.  It started as a show to watch while working out.  Now I want to just keep watching.  It's dangerous.  Who has seasons two and three for me to borrow?

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