Thursday, 5 July 2012

15 Day Challenge - Day 5

{Day 5} - If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

Taylor Swift - Because she seems neato.  I think it would just be a nice dinner.  It would be interesting to talk to her about all that she has achieved in life at such a young age.

Michael J Fox - I am fascinated by him.  I read his books and just loved them.  He is so positive despite all he has gone through.  I think he has really brought a lot of attention to Parkinson's disease.  And I'm pretty sure Back to the Future is like my favourite movie.  I should go back to Day 1 and change that fun fact.  I never get tired of Back to the Future.
Plus he's Canadian!

Zach Braff & Donald Faison - aka Turk and JD.  I get both of them because they go together like lamb and tuna fish.  This dinner would just be for comedy purposes.

J.K. Rowling - Because I love Harry Potter.  Is that reason enough?

Kate Middleton - At first I thought of Princess Diana, but then I thought, why not Kate?  She fascinates the world, she is so elegant and classy.  I would probably embarrass myself.  But she seems pretty down to earth, maybe we could be best buds.  Or maybe not.
Let's throw some more Canada in here
So there it is.  5 people I would like to eat dinner with.  It was hard to narrow it down, and obviously there are a lot more people that I wouldn't turn down dinner with! But I think that these 5 are pretty interesting and we could have some great conversations! Even better, if I could mix all of them together at a dinner party it would be the best dinner of all time.


  1. Kate yes, I'd be jealous of meeting her, she has it all. She is very gorgeous and she's very classy. A great role model.

  2. Turk and JD would be so much fun (although Zach Braff seems a little more serious than necessary sometimes). Very creative!

  3. Great list! I'd love to meet Kate!

  4. Ahhh! JK Rowling would be a fantastic choice!! Awesome list!

  5. Wow! Great list!! I'm visiting from the challenge. Love all of your choices. Especially Princess Kate. I'd LOVE to meet her :D

    {Sugar in My Grits}