Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pinterest Challenging!

I learnt from my past mistakes and decided to not tell everyone I was participating in the Pinterest Challenge until I actually completed my project.   Well I did one! Yay for me. 
First off, Pinterest challenging isn't as inexpensive as I would like it to be.  I'm kind of cheap, and I don't want my crafts to be expensive.  I think that maybe when Sherry and Katie do it, they are crafty and have most of the stuff in their house already.  Or maybe they are just more economical than me.  I wanted to do a challenge that required 3 different colours of spray paint, spray primer and some top coat.  That would be like $50! And I would probably screw it up huge.  No way. 

I found this project on glass etching. Now in this one, she was making them for portion control purposes.  I planned on giving my project, if successful, to my friend as a bachelorette party gift, and let me tell you, Michaela is not one to care about portion control when it comes to wine.  So I just wanted to make a nice design on it.

The glass from Pinterest

First of all, I headed to Michael's to purchase my necessities.  I bought some Armour Etch and some Over 'n Over creatable stencils.  This was just one big sticky sheet that I had to cut my own stencil out of.  They had real stencils, but they didn't really have what I was looking for.  I also bought a small paint brush.

First I tried sticking some circle stickers on a glass and etching around it, hoping for a neat design.  FAIL.
My first attempt - a big mess of etched glass

So I decided to try something new.  To create my stencil, I first cut out a circle, using the inside of some painters tape as a guide.  This ended up being a lot bigger than I expected, but what can you do.  Then I printed the letter W off of Microsoft Word in a font that I liked, and traced it onto the stencil.  I found out after I was supposed to use an exacto knife so that I didn't cut through the backing.  Oops.  Live and Learn.  I'm new to this arts and crafts thing.
I stuck my circle stencil on a glass, and put the W in the middle.  I was ready to go!

I just layered on a heavy coat of Armour Etch.  Make sure it's heavy or else it will end up looking streaky.  I figured that out with my practice glass.

It said in the directions to leave it on for a minute.  I think I probably left each one on for about 3 minutes, just to be safe.  Then you just rinse it all off and take off the stencil. 

I made up four of them.  They didn't turn out too badly either! I'm impressed for my first real craft attempt.  And I gave them to the Bride to Be later that day.  They aren't by any means going to be her good crystal, but extra wine glasses in the house are never a bad thing.

 Of course I had to throw in a picture of Pipsi photo bombing.  It's what she does best.

Oh and if anyone is interested in the cost of this little project, I lucked out in the shopping department.

Armour Etch - on sale at Michael's  $7.99
Stencil - on sale at Michael's           $4.99
Paint Brush - Michael's                    $0.89
12 Glasses - on sale at Zellers       $11.99

For a grand total of $25.86 plus tax.  And I have 7 glasses and some Armour Etch left over, so I can always make some more!   


  1. They came out really great! Love 'em.

  2. Awesome. I am so wanting to do these.